Absolute best stock I have ever used. There is much more versatility in the adjustments you can make over other stocks, but it is still simple in the user interface and it isn’t overwhelming to learn. It is made with the intent to be adjusted once and stay that way. Other stocks are made with the intention of changing all the time and that is why I love my gps stock. And last but not least, there is an obvious advantage in having your hand directly behind the stock bolt to align you body with the gun. It is simply an ingenious design.  

Grayson Davey


21 Jul, 2020

I purchased a GPS stock about 18 months ago. I have to say it has vastly improved the consistency with which I mount my gun. The design of the stock appears so radical, but when you use it, you wonder why it isn’t the standard for all shotgun stocks. Now when I shoot a shotgun with a “standard“ stock, it feels so unrefined and clunky. GPS has completely redefined the way a competition shotgun should feel.


Trysten Routledge


14 Aug, 2019

From start to finish my experience with GPS stocks has been amazing! I called GPS stocks as I was in a bit of pinch I had a major tournament just two weeks out from my phone call. I dealt with Sai the owner of GPS directly who returned my phone call immediately then took the time to speak with me about achieving the proper GPS configuration that I needed and let me say that Sai knows a thing or two about gun fit! After working closely with him me over the phone he was able understand and figure out exactly what I needed . My GPS stock arrived at my door in a surprisingly short time and I must say that the quality of workmanship that went into this stock was superb and it’s adjustiblity was pretty much limitless. From my experience I have to say that Sai’s customer service,knowledge and product far exceeded my expectations! And to boot I went on to win the Canadian provincials! Thanks Sai!


Jay Harb


07 Aug, 2019

Sai, I would like to take the time to thank you for all the time you spent with me fitting my new GPS stock. This stock is built like no other the parts of the stock are top quality. The recoil system is second to none while shooting doubles your second shot is not felt and you can recover very fast.

After spending time with you fitting the stock to the gun my scores have gone up and I am hitting the birds harder than before. It is just amazing how you and your stock have improved my shooting.


Bill Reinecke


Bill Reinecke


31 Jan, 2019

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