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I just picked up my stock from Sai and want to thank him for the time he spent with me adjusting it to me and my DT11. I went out the next day and shot trap, the first round I shot was 25x25. This stock is amazing and it gives you so much more control of the gun. Again THANKS Sai for the time and effort that you have put into this stock it is just Amazing what it does and how it has changed my shooting for the best.  

Bill Reinecke


31 Jan, 2019

My son loves the stock, especially the thumb hole grip and the adjustability. I was very impressed with the customer service. Would highly recommend the GPS stock.

Dennis Duncan


25 Oct, 2018

I have been a competitive trap and international trap shooter for 4 decades ,shot most guns/stocks and only resently found the “ultimate stock” . The GPS is in my opinion a true game changer. It’s beautifully engineered and truly excellent craftmanship. The adjustable features are multiple , well engineered and user friendly. The recoil reduction system is smooth , very effective and most of all feels like a natural solid stock. Can be precisely adjusted to your specific needs and can be turned off if needed .Customer service is outstanding . However the most important feature for me personally is the pistol grip thumbhole feature.Not only does it makes mounting easier and more consistent but adds two very importand features separating it from other stocks . I feel like I have much better control over gun movement , swing and point -ability than any other stock I have ever shot and it’s not even close. It makes it very precise ,smooth and reproducible. For some reason I also found it much easier to stay in the gun longer and easier to deliver second shots. I have been shooting a Silver Seitz for a long time from 27 y HC but since I was shooting the GPS on my Perrazi MX 10 so much better , my o/u is now used for everything. Easy to understand that I just ordered another stock for my Seitz. In summary I fully understand now why this type stock is used by many world class shooters in many different shotgunning events and it’s popularity is exploding . The reason is very simple , they all shoot better scores. It has certainly did that for me .


Francois Aldrich MD


26 Jun, 2018

I wanted to buy Ergosign Evocomp stock for my Beretta DT11 Xtrap. Thank God, I didn’t. I spoke with Sai a few times and decided that I shall go with grip plus stock. Sai took his time to take my measurements. He made sure that my measurements were taken appropriately. He accepted PayPal and took about a day to send my stock through Fedex. FedEx did their level best to mess up my order but Sai called them a few times and made sure that they deliver the stock to me in time. The stock arrived within 3 days. I took it out of the box and was impressed with the precision and fit and finish. He made sure that I put it on correctly. He then used FaceTime to help me adjust the stock until I was happy with the sight picture. He also helped me improve my mount as I have developed a habit of leaning my head to adjust myself to the previous factory stock. After he finished adjusting the stock I took it to the range and to the patterning board. I just had to adjust the comb a little to get a perfectly distributed 70/30 pattern with Clever T1 shells. I am afraid that very people would believe me when I say I scored a perfect 25/25 on my 1st round. I find Sai to be professional, helpful, thorough, honest and he makes sure that you are looked after. I would highly recommend the GPS stock over Ergosign Evocomp, TSK and other stocks. I also failed to mention that I had virtually no recoil either. I shot very well with doubles and my barrel/ sight picture stayed perfect for the second shot. Thank you Sai.  

Syed Abdul Rafay Sherazi


01 Apr, 2018

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